Monday, March 17, 2014

Timex Multisport Team Camp 2014

Being part of the Timex team last year was such an amazing experience. I spend a lot of my time training alone, so it was so wonderful and uplifting to have a group of friends that I could turn to for advice and support. At last year's camp, I got a taste of this, but after having a whole season to experience and appreciate it, I was really excited for camp and to get to see people again.

People ask me exactly what we do at this camp -- while there is some training, the main purpose is to learn all about the products that our sponsors offer. We had several new sponsors this year, so there is a lot of information to take in! But in addition to the classes, this camp is a great chance to get to spend time with my teammates and learn about their successes and challenges.

Living in a foreign country, it is very easy for me to feel a bit isolated. The Timex Team is like a family to me, and my main goal for this weekend was to soak up as much motivation and love as I could, so I would have something to remember when the going inevitably gets tough. Between all the pictures, hilarious stories, and happy memories of the fabulous weather, I think I accomplished the mission!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

IronCat, here I come!

I am a super-planner, so I like that you have to sign up for Ironman races a year ahead of time. When planning my race season, I had my eye on the IronCat, a full distance race put on by the Catalan Triathlon Club that is just south of Barcelona. But given that we are going to be moving again in a few months, I was biding my time on signing up in the event that our schedule wouldn't accommodate it. Surely it wouldn't sell out...right?

Well, it did. But the city council recently moved to add more participants, so I am on the list. Hooray!

Less than 60 days to go...check it out at

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A couple more Norseman training notes

Here are some items I didn't mention in my Norsemanifesto, but they've been floating in my head for a little while.

1. Training for Gaustatoppen. I didn't do any hiking in preparation for the race, but it turns out it wouldn't have mattered. The route up the mountain only resembles a dirt trail for a small portion at the beginning. After that, it is stepping your way up rocks.

I normally lack the coordination to do this efficiently, so you can imagine my difficulties at the end of an Ironman. 

This is where the Stepmill comes in. (I am talking about the machine that you climb up physical stairs that go around a belt, not a Stairmaster.) By using the Stepmill at the end of your long runs, it would be excellent preparation for Gaustatoppen. The Stepmill will be more challenging than a Stairmaster (you can cheat on that one!) or actual stairs and will test your agility on tired legs. 

2. Support crew vs. mountain partner. Given the stress of the whole day, it is very important to have a person who is completely synched with your plan for eating, drinking, and dressing, as well as keeping an eye on your attitude and well being. However, it is possible that this person might not be the best choice for a partner to go up the mountain, depending on your abilities. This is when it would be beneficial to have more than one support person. If I remember correctly, the one white support shirt you get only limits how many people are in transition, and you can take a completely different person up the mountain, or multiple people. So maybe your spouse is going to be the best choice for your "caretaker," but he/she won't be able to keep up on the mountain. Another person would definitely be an asset in this case.