Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ignorance is bliss?

I was so proud of myself at swim practice when I asked my lanemates in German "two more?" for our interval set. Given that I turn into a complete airhead when physical activity is involved, this was a major accomplishment.

Unfortunately, I could also understand when they replied "four more." Oh man!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Actions speak louder...

...than words when you don't speak the language!

I recently joined the local tri club so I could take advantage of their use of the 50m pool in the evenings. It is a lot easier to swim laps without having to dodge the recreational breaststrokers. I have sometimes done my own workouts, but lately I have been doing the club workouts, which are pre-scheduled.

I have been training a lot lately. I had a pretty tough trainer session in the morning, and then looked to see that the club swim for that evening was 4800m. Ugh.

After a short warmup, it was 16x 50m, then an 800. So far, so good. But what really killed me was the 16x 100. By the end, I was only getting about 15 seconds rest in between near-sprint efforts. Then came the last 800.

I was really tired. I wanted to quit or shorten the set (especially after I got lapped!) Two other guys stopped early so all that was left was three really fast guys and me, who was way behind them.
But I didn't quit. I finished the 800. I don't want to just be the new gal who doesn't really speak German. This was the only way I could prove my commitment, so I kept going. I did get a thumbs up from one of the guys when I was done.

On my cool down, I could barely move. So I know I gave it everything I had. I'm pretty proud of that.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

That's what I get for wussing out AND procrastinating

Yesterday, we had a ton of snow. It was probably about 4-5" inches worth, so beyond the capabilities of even the best plows/shovelers. With all the snow on the ground, I thought "well, I'll just do my 40 min easy run on the treadmill at the gym." I had to go lift weights anyways, so this seemed like a good solution.

I figured I'd give the plows a chance to get the road cleared off. But I didn't want to be at the gym during lunch, because it can be a madhouse. So I was feeling all smart when I arrived at 1:20.

Except for the signs that said "Due to the weather, the fitness center will be closing at 2:00." Boo!

So I did only 30 minutes. But at 4% incline. And they did some bodyweight variations at home.

With all these minor hiccups I run into, I find it best to remind myself that it is better to focus on what you can do/control than what you can't.